Bufferzone consultancy puts together talented, friendly teams that are right for you and your needs; from the day to day to the most challenging task. We select skills and experience to suit any type of people work, as much or as little as you need.

Bufferzone consultancy can help you with:

  • Research, evaluations and consultations

  • Designing and producing attractive, easy to read annual reports, guides and 'how to do it' packs

  • Project management and one to one mentoring and support
  • Community work

"Karolyne and I have worked together on many projects over the last five years. Anything she organises is always meticulously planned, extremely well executed and loads of fun to work on. She has also helped me with projects and initiatives of my own, offering a tremendous amount of support and great practical advice. I always ask karolyne's opinion first whenever I consider starting a new project!"

Team co-worker


Bufferzone is co-ordinated by Karolyne Fudge-Malik who makes sure you get personal service, creative thinking, experience and loads of energy.


  • PhD research - creative activity and social behaviour in high security hospitals. Published 2 research papers
  • BA Sociology & Art - published research paper
  • Art therapy
  • OND Business Studies
  • NVQ level 4 Management


  • Director of Bufferzone - people workers
  • Management of Arts Together
  • Management of Social Exclusion Project for Community First, Wiltshire

Previous Research

  • Older People's Aspirations at a Day Centre (London University 1984)
  • Jasper Johns - The Social Context of Creativity (London University 1984)
  • The Transition of Meaning - Definitions of Normality in a Respite Home for Young People with Severe
  • Behaviour Problems (London University 1985)
  • Creativity and Intelligence in High Security Hospitals (Surrey University 1989)
  • Effects of New Road Building on Local Communities (ILO Tanzania 1991)
  • Impact of Aid Agency Practise on Host Commuities (Independent, Rwanda and Tanzania 1994)
  • Home Schools in South Punjab (UNICEF Pakistan 1996)
  • Field Workers' Participation in Savings and Credit Schemes (ILO Pakistan 1996)
  • Spin Off Learners at Home Schools (UNICEF Pakistan 1997)
  • Reproductive Health in Rural Villages (WHO Pakistan 1997)
  • Feasibility of Volunteer Run Information Centres in Rural Punjab (Oxfam Pakistan 1998)
  • Knock On Effects of Home Schools (UNICEF Pakistan 1998)

Previous Experience

  • Management of Rural Field Work for Community First

    Freelance training and consultancy:
  • Associate for Learning Curve
  • Trainer for VSO

    Managing Director of BERTI (development organisation) Multan, Pakistan:
  • Capacity building of NGO staff
  • Training of trainers
  • Development and management of 200 community based informal schools, 5 village information centres, 30 credit unions

  • Collaboration with Glasgow University in provision of training workshops for regional development organisations - Punjab, Pakistan
  • Consultant to BUNYAD satellite organisations (development organisation - Lahore, Pakistan
  • Management and development of the Women and Children's Development Department - Sengerema District Council, Tanzania:
    Consultant for regional research projects
  • Self employed artist:
    Organising exhibitions of own work
    Teaching A level, vocational and theoretical art
    Public Relations Designer, fundraising and sponsorship events for slum dwellers association - Bankok
  • Community Designer, assessing local skills, resources and training needs for re-design of village products for Core the Jute Works Co-op - Bangladesh
  • Art Therapist: set up and ran Art Therapy Departments for people with physical disabilities and for adults with severe learning difficulties