How much do you really know about the community or issue you hope to work with?

“Anything she organises is always meticulously planned, extremely well executed and loads
of fun.”

Research is often the weak link in a new project.

We don't believe in guesswork, and don't expect our clients to either.

We tailor and create participatory and qualitative methods to suit the community we work with to make sure that we bring you an honest and realistic picture.

We closely monitor our work before, during and after to make sure we are efectively reaching home.
Our reports are clear, easy to read and interesting.

Discovering isolated communities or investigating complex or controversial issues is not easy. Get it wrong, and you risk creating more confusion and damage than you started with.

"The Wiltshire Community Safety Partnerships have commissioned Bufferzone to carry out a number of inclusion projects and reports, particularly focusing on minority groups in our communities. Whether a report, a presentation or facilitating an event, the work has been thorough, professional, well planned and accessibly presented.

Bufferzone's work is underpinned by real understanding of the issues for minority groups and a commitment to work with others to make our communities more cohesive and sustainable for the longterm."

Pippa McVeigh
Wiltshire Community Safety Partnerships, Wiltshire Council


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