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Personal Introduction

My interest in counselling was growing in me for years, long before I was aware of this.

I left school without a clear sense of direction and drifted into general nursing and then midwifery. I qualified and practiced in both for a few years. 

While I was nursing, I used to enjoy listening and talking with the patients, and found that especially on night duty when I had more time available, many of the patients would share their anxieties and fears about their stay in hospital or problems at home.  I began to notice that those who were able to talk and unload their fears, would sleep much better, and most would heal more quickly too.

After a while I moved away from the NHS and responded to a growing urge to train in Psychotherapy and Counselling. (They are very similar to each other).

I embarked on my first training in 1980, and since then have studied a wide range of psychotherapy theories and practice.
I have worked professionally in many different settings including the Mental Health Services in the NHS, voluntary counselling and supervision, and in private practice.


I have an extensive range of experience and skills that I have learnt in nearly 30 years of professional practice, training and through many years of my own personal therapy. 

During sessions with people, I sometimes support the therapy process by introducing charts and drawings to explore and explain how the therapy works, what makes us ‘tick’ and to make the treatment more understandable,  effective, and enjoyable.

Many people who approach me for the first time are aware that they are unhappy, that something is wrong, and that they can no longer sort themselves out.  While other people come with a clear sense of their difficulty right from the outset. However you find yourself, you are welcome to contact me to arrange an exploratory session.  I aim to offer to all who come into therapy with me, a respectfully kind, and ethically based treatment.


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