One woman shows from a Reminiscent Rose

“In this unique production Rose takes us on a journey from her childhood growing up in Australia to the present day living in Bath.  Her story is at once humorous and moving, she captures vividly the ups and downs of life and self-discovery.  Peppered with images and well chosen songs and monologues, this is a beautifully crafted piece of work.  It’s a story of joy and courage, of fragile humanity in search of the meaning of life”. 

The telling of my story enables the audience to value the significance of their own life story.  I like to follow my show with a candle-lit dinner as it’s an invaluable time for the audience to reflect and talk amongst themselves.

'The Homecoming' can only be performed on a number of predetermined dates at specific venues. The show works extremely well served as a Cabaret with either a two course meal or a light buffet for no less than 40 people. 

I have a smaller, shortened version of my story under the heading of ‘A Tea Rose’.

different and moving –
typically Rose”
For further information or to book 'The Homecoming'
contact Rose on 01823 272085
or email:

Practicalities: 'The Homecoming'

Space requirements: a stage or a raised platform.
Other facilities needed: a room appropriate to numbers attending, tables, chairs and kitchen.
What are the costs?: 'The Homecoming' costs are covered by ticket sales.