One woman shows from a Reminiscent Rose

This is a shortened version of my multi-media drama ‘The Homecoming’.  A show in which I invite the audience to follow the steps of my life – a stage struck hopeful.  A story of choices and consequences – sometimes painful.  A journey of spiritual discovery.

It is followed by a TEA PARTY which I provide and serve.

For a minimum of 20 people

For further information or to book 'A Tea Rose'
contact Rose on 01823 272085
or email:

Practicalities: 'A Tea Rose' 
Space requirements: a room appropriate to numbers attending
Other facilities needed: a small kitchen and crockery

NB I provide tea served in rosy teapots and tableware plus home baked melting moments.

"Thank you for your warm hearted entertainment. It was not what we had expected at all - instead of the history of roses, we participated in the life of Rose Lunt, in all its
colourful variations. Wonderfully you made even the sadness in your life into rose-colored scenes, a wonderful gift"